Vehicle Insurance

From Third Party to Comprehesive Insurance, LA Guard offer cost - effective solutions ensuring you are convered.

With a quick and speedy service, we are committed to ensuring you are back on the road in the least amount of time.

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Home / Property

At LA Guard we recognise that every home is unique. That’s why our home insurance is all about what’s important to you as an individual, covering the building and the household contents against the following: Fire, Lightning and Explosion; Flooding and Accidental damage; Theft Following violent entry or exit.

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Liability Insurance

This is designed to protect you against third party liabilities in respect of death, bodily injury and property damage sustained in connection with your business. This can be taken in the following: Employer's Liability Insurance; General Public Liability Insurancel employees caused by an outward violent and visible means.

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The insurance cover is against loss of or damage to tobacco resulting fromhail and windstorm or damage to the insured crop, as a direct result of any accident or misfortune not hereinafter accepted.


LA Guard Insurance Brokers is licensed as an insurance broker in terms of the Insurance Act chapter 24; 07 and was established in the year 1999.The company started as a sole agent trading as LA Agents in 1998. The unending search for excellence bid saw the company grew from strength to strength. This continuous growth and expansion gave birth to the current LA Guard Insurance Brokers (Pvt.) Ltd.    

bullet We are committed to offer excellent and above average insurance expertise to all our valued clients and prospects
bullet We focus on solution to insurance complications faced by most clients through creation of awareness on the importance of insurance. We embrace the complications and come up with solutions tailor-made to address them.
bullet We solicitate competitive and cheaper rates on behalf of our valued clients
bullet We provide free risk management and evaluation for our valued clients
bullet Through our relationships and working with various embassies, we have a better understanding of the needs of diplomats.
bullet We offer flexible payment terms.  

We make sure that our client's portfolios are professionally handled to maximize value. Our team of experienced staff is there to assist from day one. We provide advice on new developments in the insurance markets.